About Sanichi

#1 Plastic Injections Mould Fabrication Company in Malaysia

Sanichi Technology Berhad (661826-K) having subsidiary of Sanichi Precision Mould Sdn Bhd, Asia Pinnacle Sdn Bhd and Sanichi Mould (Thai) Co. Ltd are the prominent manufacturer of precision plastic injection mould. Our expertise and experience spans over the years have enable us to be one of the leaders in the industry. Our culture, concept and preception are driven by the ever-changing needs of our customers as well as the dynamic market environment.
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Our Capabilities

We are the leader in major local Advance Plastic Injection Mould munufacturer.

Design, research, development, fabrication, repaired & modification of precision advanced plastic injection mould and precision conventional plastic injection mould are our expertise


Year in Accumulatedexperiences and technologies

More than95

customers, comprisingMNCs, OEMs, ODMs, CM


Monthly capacity(Million/70 Moulds)


Maximum mould size catered of injection machine (30 Ton for mould)
Our Products

Because Customer are Unique. We must be flexible.

We deliver a wide range of solution in Precision Plastic Injection Mould.With our advance facilities, we are able to maintain our competitive advantages.
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Investor Relations

Corporate Governance & Business Integrity

Sanichi Technology Berhad and its subsidiaries are committed to the highest standard of corporate governance and business integrity.
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Growth Factors

Competitive advantages of our Group are the main element in managing & expanding the Group’s businesses.

For the Group’s competitive advantages, there are three main aspects such as new products, new market and value chain.
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